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Recent Guests

Now playing "Lately" by Nathan McEuen & Chelsea Williams
from the "Scrapbook Sessions" CD.

Nathan McEuen's most recent CD - "Scrapbook Sessions."

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New Photos !

John McEuen's most recent Southern California show
John McEuen, Past-Guest, with Sandy Jacobson at The Coffee Gallery Backstage.
Matt performed with John McEuen that night.
Past-Guest, Matt Cartsonis with Sandy Jacobson at The Coffee Gallery Backstage.
At The Roxy for Brian Ray's CD-Release Concert / Party for "This Way Up!"
Sandy Jacobson (our Producer) at Brian Ray's CD-Release Party/Concert for his CD "This Way Up!"
David is currently working on HIS next release !
Sandy Jacobson ran into another past-guest, David Philps at Brian Ray's CD-Release / Concert Party.
Brian Ray performing tracks from his latest CD "This Way Up!" at his CD-Release Concert/Party.
"The Dreamcatchers" Wrap Party / Tour.
Sandy Jacobson, on The Great Wall of China.
"The Dreamcatchers" Wrap Party / Tour.
Sandy Jacobson on The Great Wall of China.
"The Dreamcatchers" Wrap Party / Tour.
Sandy Jacobson on the grounds of The Summer Palace in Beijing.

Some of our past guests...

Our First Guest...Peter Tork.
Sandy Jacobson (Producer) with Peter Tork at the 2010 NAMM Festival.
Our Second Guest was James Lee Stanley !
Pictured left to right, John Batdorf, Sandy Jacobson (Producer), James Lee Stanley (Guest Host).
Our Third Guest was John Batdorf !
Pictured left to right are: Michael Sunday (Host), Sandy Jacobson , Michael McLean, & John Batdorf.
Our Fourth Guest was John McEuen.
John McEuen (founding member of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) with Michael Sunday (Host) in the studio
Members of WE FIVE in our studio.
Michael Sunday (Host), Terry Ragno, Jerry Burgan, Debbie Burgan, Chris Burgan, & Sandy Jacobson Prod
Then, 14-Year-Old Scott Gates, mandolinist.
Michael Sunday (Host), Scott Gates, and Mike Nadolson (Guests).

Our Guest Laurence Juber.
Michael Sunday (Host), Sandy Jacobson (Producer), Laurence Juber (Guest), & Javier Otero (audience).

Our Guests, The Nathan McEuen Band
Nathan McEuen, Sandy Jacobson (Producer), Elain Gregston, & Chuck Hailes.
Our Guest Ngahihi Bidois, from New Zealand !
Ngahihi Bidois (one of the stars of DREAMCATCHERS) with Michael Sunday (Host).
Our Guest - Brian Ray
Brian Ray in addition to releasing solo CD's, is guitarist with Paul McCartney's band.
Our Guests - Russ & Julie's House Concerts
Julie Paris, Russ Paris (Guests) with Sandy Jacobson (Producer).
Our Guests - The Quarrymen
Colin Hanton, Sandy Jacobson (Producer), Rod Davis, and Len Garry.
Our Guest - David Philp, The Automatics
David Philp, The Automatics
Our Guests - Ted & Pablo
Ted & Pablo performing at The Skirball Center on their second U.S. Tour.
Our Guest - Evan Marshall, Mandolinist
Evan Marshall (Guest) with Sandy Jacobson (Producer) on the set of BackStage:Los Angeles
Our Guest - Matt Cartsonis
Michael Sunday (Host), Sandy Jacobson (Producer) & Matt Cartsonis (Guest) outside the studio.
Guests Matt and Zac Pless
Matt and Zac Pless from Washington, D.C.
Our Guest - Ellis Paul
Sandy Jacobson (Producer) with Ellis Paul (Guest) on location at McCabe's.
Our Guest - Ainjel Emme !
Ainjel Emme (Guest), Sandy Jacobson (Producer) & Michael Sunday (Host) in our studio.
Our Guest - Denny Tedesco (son of Tommy Tedesco.)
Denny Tedesco, Producer & Director of the film "The Wrecking Crew."

Thank you to our recent studio guests...
Our recent guests have included, in chronological order:

MATT PLESS - Singer/Songwriter from Maryland / D.C.
At the beginning of the millenium, Matt organized a high-energy punk band that opened for such acts as Maroon 5, American Hi-Fi, Allister, Fallout Boy and others, in addition to performing on the Vans Warped Tour.  Matt transitioned out of that, and began focusing on a solo act as a folk-style singer/songwriter.  Matt has drawn from the influences of Bob Dylan, John Prine, and the rhyming word patterns of hip-hop to create his own definitive style, within the acoustic genre. 
(click on his link below, and listen to "Talkin' Information" for a snapshot of that style.)
Matt's brother Zac Pless, accompanies him with percussion.  Matt is a young artist who works hard, and has a good head on his shoulders.  When asked what advice he would give to an up-and-coming teen musician, he said, "You've got to do it because you love the music...not because you want to get girls.  Keep it real.  Don't do drugs.  Don't be a jerk."
Matt contacted us, about four months before he was to arrive in L.A. to perform, and asked what he'd need to do to be "considered" to be a guest on our show.  My response as the Producer was, "the fact that you contacted us this far advance, makes me want to go preview your music immediately!"  We did, and Matt's music hit a chord with us, and we booked him for the show. 
MATT CARTSONIS - Guitarist & Mandolinist
By the age of 16, Matt Cartsonis was playing professionally with country/jazz iconoclast & former New Christie Minstral, Dan "Igor" Glenn. 
While attending Vassar, with an undergrad major in biopsychology, Matt Cartsonis met, and began working with Pete Seeger on his Clearwater Project.
Matt has been an in-demand producer and session musician, and has worked locally and internationally with Warren Zevon, Jennifer Warnes, Van Dyke Parks, Glen Campbell, John McEuen, Joel Rafael, The Kingston Trio, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, and others.
He has also composed film and T.V. scores for such projects as "Carrie," "A Very Muppet Christmas," "Resident Evil," "War Stories," "Judging Amy," "VH-1 Behind The Music," and "The New Adventures of Johnny Quest."
In the past week, Matt Cartsonis appeared, playing banjo,  with Glen Campbell on The Jimmy Kimmel Show.  We first met him performing with John McEuen. 

EVAN MARSHALL - Mandolinist
Evan was described by the late Chet Atkins as "one of the few great musicians of our time."  David Grisman simply says "the world's fasted mandolinist."
Evan has toured extensively, from symphony concerts to nationally broadcast radio shows such as "A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keiler."
He can also be seen performing solo, or with Cody Bryant & Riders of The Purple Sage.  Evan's "signature" piece, the "Finale From The William Tell Overture" is a perfect fit, whether he's playing with a symphony, or playing "Cowboy" music.
Evan was born and raised inSouthern California.  He attended Occidental College, graduating Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa and with honors in Music.  Evan also was the teacher for 16-year-old Scott Gates, one of our other past guests, who has opened for John McEuen.

JOHN McEUEN - Singer/Songwriter
John McEuen is one of the founding members of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band,
and much more.  He is also a solo performer, music producer, and has T.V. and Filmscoring among his long list of credits.  Since his last visit to our show, he was also asked to participate in a Sesame Street Kids DVD "Favorite Country Songs."  John also produces his own radio show "Acoustic Traveler" on
XM-Satelite Radio "The Village" channel 15, the first Tuedsay of the month at noon, and the following friday at midnight.
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band is in it's 42nd year of touring together, and will be headlining in Orange County next year.  They've also just released a new single of "Mr. Bojangels" with Keith Urban and Dierks Bentley available on i-tunes and at Amazon.  The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" album is in The Smithsonian, and is considered to be one of the most important albums in Country Music. 
John recently did two segments with us.  The first, was an update on his career (with a special project TBA in the near-future), and the second segment on The Music Bill of Rights, for which he and many other musicians have been lending their support.

CLAY EALS - Author of "Steve Goodman: Facing The Music"
Clay Eals says there are two kinds of people in this world - The ones who say "Steve WHO?" and the ones who say "STEVE GOODMAN !" 
Clay spent the past eight years, writing an 800+ page book on Steve Goodman, with interviews from almost everyone in the music business.
At age 20, Steve Goodman was diagnosed with Leukemia, and lived another 15 years.  During that time he never lost his unwavering sense of humor and zeal for life, which are reflected in his songs.  His most notable song was "The City of New Orleans" which has been covered by Arlo Guthrie, Johnny Cash, and John Denver.  Steve Goodman wrote some very funny songs, including "You Never Even Call Me By Name" and "A Dying Cub Fan's Last Request."
Steve Goodman also opened for people like Steve Martin and Jimmy Buffett.
Clay Eals book is an excellent addition to any music-lover's library.

LAURENCE JUBER - 2x Instrumental Grammy Winner, Acoustic Guitar
Laurence Juber knew at a young age that he wanted to become a musician.  He attended The University of London as a music major, and upon graudation began working immediately as a studio musician.
He made a leap on-stage, when he had the opportunity to audition for Paul McCartney & Wings, and joined the band in 1978.
Laurence Juber's most recent solo CD "PCH" contains the title track "PCH"
along with some other original compositions, a few familiar favorites.  
Laurence has also recently released a new Signature Martin guitar.
In addition to performing, Laurence Juber also conducts educational lectures for Martin Guitars, and has produced some educational videos and books.

JOEL RAFAEL - Singer/Songwriter
Joel Rafael is one of the few singer/songwriters entrusted to perferm and record songs from The Woody Guthrie Trust.  Joel has been a featured performer at "The Annual Woody Guthrie Festival" in Woody Guthrie's hometown of Okemah, Okalahoma, for the past seven years. 
His recent CD "Thirteen Stories High" features the song "This Is My Country" with background vocals by Graham Nash and David Crosby.  Graham Nash said of this song, "I wish I had written this song.  So powerful and profound...a call from his heart to ours."  Other tracks feature background vocals by Jackson Browne.
Joel has also recently been nominated for "Best Americana / Country" in the San Diego Music Awards.

Nathan McEuen (Guitar),
Elaine Gregston (Accordian), & Chuck Hailes (Upright Bass)
In the studio with us, this talented trio of young people discussed their musical influences, their challenges, and the making of their most recent CD "Festival" which was recorded live and captured in nine days! The CD contains what Nathan described as "Folk-pop"...and contains some sophisticated and insightful lyrics, with varying degrees of rock, folk, and bluegrass influences.  "Beautiful Night" (one of the tracks) has been described as "exotically passionate."
Their segment will be airing in the next week or two (check our "About The Television Show" page for listings), just prior to their appearances at The Huck Finn Festival in Victorville on Father's Day Weekend (also at that venue will be The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, including one of the founding members...Nathan's father, John McEuen).  The Nathan McEuen Trio will also be performing at The Sawdust Arts Festival in Laguna Beach in June & July.  Check our calendar page for dates/times/information.
Nathan has had the advantage of being exposed to some wonderful musicians during his lifetime, but whatever he has accomplished, has been because he has worked hard.  Opportunity without preparation does not produce or sustian longevity...and Nathan has proven his dedication and preparation in the studio, and in the concerts and events that he performs at...and with his second CD "Festival."  He IS a pro, in his own right.  He also recently organized and performed in a benefit concert...which is no small undertaking.
So, the next time you're wondering where to find young people who are doing something positive with their lives, AND producing some great music as part of that package...check out where The Nathan McEuen Trio are performing at:

BOB STANE - Owner of The Coffee Gallery Backstage,
and founder of The Ice House.  The Ice House opened in 1960, and folk music was in it's prime in the 1960's...and The Ice House was one of America's top folk venues.  Comedy was later added to that venue, and many acts that we know today, either got their start or tested new material there...David Letterman, Jay Leno, Steve Martin, Lily Tomlin, and many others.  The Los Angeles band "The Association" got it's start there...literally, as some of the members began their music careers as employees of the club...and later went on to premier there as an act.
At The Coffee Gallery Backstage, in Alta Dena, Bob Stane continues to deliver world-class talent in an intimate venue...with the price of admission less than the cost of a movie, popcorn, and soda...and with the guests being able to see the artist's fingering without the need for a family-style atmosphere.  YES, you can feel safe bringing the entire family to this venue!  And, there is no 2-drink minimum.  Yes, they DO serve coffee & desserts, which you CAN bring into the theatre with you...but it is not a requirement for admission.  Our experience has been that whether Bob has a big name act on the line-up, or an up-and-coming talent, it's ALWAYS great entertainment, AND worthy of the drive out there (even with gas at $4.00/gallon).  RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. 
If the words "fun" and "good time" have dropped from your vocabulary...
click on the link below and make reservations for their next show now.

FLORENCE HARTIGAN - "Live at the Hopetoun Alpha"
a young, talented, and accomplished artist!
Florence was born in New York, moved to Ireland, and then to New Zealand, where she was raised.  She was a violin prodigy, but at age 14, discovered the folk music of Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, and others...and took up guitar.  Florence was also classically-trained in voice. 
While in college she met Peter Martin, and they began a collaborative songwriting team, and formed a band.  Their song "Green" paved the way for them to appear on an "American-Idol" style T.V. show in New Zealand, and win Second Place in the total competition.  From there, "Green" began receiving airplay on two national New Zealand radio stations...and Florence went on to do songwriting for T.V. and film.  Two short months before moving to Los Angeles, she created a new band with other known artists in New Zealand, and produced and performed in a live concert at The Hopetoun Alpha, one of Auckland's historic venues...and which became the basis of her first album "Florence Hartigan & The Wayward Five - Live at The Hopetoun Alpha."  The album contains her top single "Green."  Florence moved to Los Angeles about 18 months ago, and has begun performing around town.

Mike Handcock is a musician, AND international wealth coach, who has blended these two facets of his life, into life-changing seminars for people who REALLY want to ROCK their lives into a new dimension.  Mike was born in Australia, but currently calls New Zealand "home" when he's not traveling the world presenting his seminars. Mike will be leading a small group of people through a special tour in Egypt...and is currently taking reservations for this event.  Ngahihi Bidois is a Maori tribal leader from New Zealand, and a business constultant and speaker, combinint "Ancient Wisdom and Business Solutions."  Everywhere we went, while they were in Los Angeles, people were drawn to them.
"Rock Your Life":
Mike Handcock:
Ngahihi Bidois:

John Batdorf & Michael McLean discussed their songwriting process...which has frequently been done long-distance.  In addition to having a professional performing career, first as "Batdorf & Rodney" in their own right, and earlier opening for such acts as Seals & Crofts, America, and others, John went on to do film and T.V. scoring, most recently for the show "Touched by An Angel."  He has been busy, and back on the road as a solo act for his CD "Home Again" (which Michael McLean co-wrote), with James Lee Stanley for their all-acoustic CD of Rolling Stones songs titled "All Wood & Stones," with Michael McLean performing their song-library from "Don't You Know" and "The Early Years," AND reunited with Mark Rodney last year to produce "Still Burnin'."  John has been playing around L.A. recently and will be appearing at The Ojai Art Festival on May 24th & 25th, at The Coffee Gallery Backstage on August 24th, and at Culver City Park for the outdoor summer concert series on August 28th.  For details, visit John's site at:
RUSS & JULIE'S HOUSE CONCERTS - On average, Russ & Julie open their home up to guest musicians for concerts, in what Russ describes as a "Tupperware-style" that they invite the artist in, and ask for a suggested donation that goes to the artist...Russ & Julie make no monetary gain from this experience...but their home is filled with great music and great people.
Guest musicians have included John McEuen, Jim Messina, Chris Hillman (The Byrds/Flying Burrito Bros.), Laurence Juber (Paul McCartney & Wings), Karla Bonoff, John Hall(Orleans), and Andrew name a few.
THE TEEN PROJECT - The Teen Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting teens who have "aged-out" of the Foster Care system, providing them with housing, college or trade school, and other services in a substance-free environment that equips them to become productive adults.  Most teens who "age-out" of the Foster Care system, do so with no money, no job skills, no family, no car, or anything else than many of us take for granted...and they end up homeless in less than a year.  Camp Freddy, Linda Perry, and The Section Quartet recently helped put on a benefit rock concert for The Teen Project at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood, which we helped promote on our show.  Camp Freddy is currently performing at The Roxy in Hollywood.

JOHN PARKINSON - "The Ballet Album"
John Parkinson is well-known in the ballet world, as a highly sought-after pianist for professional ballet company auditions, and for professional "company classes" prior to performances.  When John lived in Los Angeles, he was one of the #1 requested choices by major ballet companies traveling through Los Angeles.  Last year was a busy year for John...producing and releasing 3 CD's..."Late Night" (jazz-lounge music that visually put me in an expensive piano lounge with velvet drapes), "The Ballet Album" designed for ballet teachers to use in the classroom (which includes recommendations for application of and counts for each track), and a Christmas CD "Christmas Night."  He is currently working on a ballet CD for beginning students.
BRIAN RAY - "Mondo Magnetto"
Brian Ray began his professional musical career working on Bobby "Boris" Pickett's song "The Monster Mash"...and shortly after that became band leader for Etta James for the next ten years.  He currently plays and tours with Paul McCartney's band...and most recently released his own solo CD "Mondo Magnetto" which features many of the artists that he has worked with over the years.  There are some great tracks on this CD...and everyone's personal favorite is "Vinyl"...which is about the importance of our RECORD collections. 
WE FIVE - "Folk Rock Revival"
We Five, is probably best known for their hit "You Were On My Mind."  They were at the beginning of the San Francisco Folk Rock movement, and help keep that spirit alive with their Folk Rock Revival Show.  Some of the members are alums of USF, and they recently performed at the USF's 150th Anniversary, the oldest university in California.
We five has a CD that reflects the early 60's acoustic rock sound, "We Five - Folk Rock Revival."
MIKE HANDCOCK - "Rock Your Life!"                                                           Mike Handcock is a musician with 8 albums to his credit, BUT, he is also an entrepreneur with a Financial Industry background, and one of the Top Ten wealth coaches in Asia, and is known as Asia's only "Edu-Tainer" combining a unique process of music with life-changing coaching techniques.  His program, "Rock Your Life" will be presented in Los Angeles on May 10, 2008.  Reservations are currently being taken for this event, and others like it around the world.  Visit Mike's website or the Rock Your Life page on this site!         

DAVID PHILP (THE AUTOMATICS) - "Brittania" - PowerPop/Rock                      The Automatics were one of the first Punk/New Wave bands to hit a #1 song on the alternative charts, in the late 70's, with their song "When The Tanks Roll Over Poland Again."  David had some great stories to tell on-camera about those days, in addition to what the band is doing today.  Their current CD "Brittania" is getting airplay on KROQ, here in Southern California, and on the Big L in London.   

FERTITTA & McCLINTOCK - "After All This Time" - Acoustic
Clear, bright acoustic guitar set to beautiful lyrics. Their only cover tune on the CD, "Second Avenue" is their current single getting airplay. Fertitta & McClintock have their own sound...but if you like Dan Fogelberg, or England Dan & John Ford Coley, you'll also like their music.
Fertitta & McClintock have been nominated for the New Music Awards- AC Best New Duo / Group by New Music Weekly Magazine. You can vote for them at:

You can preview their music at:

KEITH ENGLAND - "Standards, New & Used" - Jazz
The CD is a collaboration with Michael Melvoin of Jazz Standards, and some original songs. The first time I listened to the CD, a small club in an old Seattle hotel that I once attended a college dance in that had dark wood paneling, green velvet curtains, and a fireplace came to my mind...and I felt the urge to order a martini - and I don't even like Martinis!
Keith toured with The Allman Brothers for a few years, and is currently appearing at Monty's in Woodland Hills, off of Topanga Canyon on Saturday nights at 9:00pm, with some of the best pianists in Los Angeles.

JAMES LEE STANLEY & JOHN BATDORF - "All Wood & Stones" - Acoustic Plus
A must-hear to believe...beautifull all-acoustic arrangements of Rolling Stones songs. U.S.A. Today, in their write up on the CD said "Paint it Fresh!"
The songs ARE..fresh and new...while maintaining the integrity of being old familiar friends. Genius.
To preview their music, go to:

SCOTT GATES - "Festival Kids" - Bluegrass
What do you say about a 15-year old who plays the Mandolin as if he was born with it in his hands? Scott Gates and Pacific Ocean Bluegrass recently won First Place at the Topanga Canyon Banjo Fiddle Contest. The oldest member of the band is sixteen...but listening to them, you'd never know.
Scott has played with some music veterans, including John McEuen, and recently appeared as a duo with a folk singer/songwriter peer, Chelsea Williams, to create a beatiful blend of folk/pop/bluegrass.
You can preview Scott's music at:

Each of you was an absolute delight to have in the studio!
Sandy Jacobson, Producer
BackStage:Los Angeles

"L.A.'s REAL Music Interview Show!"