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Now playing "A Life In Music" by
Robert Morgan Fisher from the "Built Myself A Greenhouse" CD.

Robert Morgan Fisher - "Build Myself A Greenhouse" CD.

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Artist Bios on recent guests...
Scott Sechman
Scott Sechman has been a mainstay on the Orange County music scene for over 25 years, moving to California in 1979.  Scott began his musical career in Virginia in 1968, moving to Maryland in 1970 and landing in Tucson, Arizona in ’73. In Tucson, he put together a series of bands that performed original material culminating with Loose Boots, whose 1978 album featured songs written by Scott.
After relocating in Southern Cal, Scott continued to play in bands and became known for his expressive vocal style and solid guitar playing, eventually securing a temporary position as lead guitarist with ‘60s / ‘70s hit-makers The Grass Roots in 1997. Over the years Scott’s bands have opened for or backed up a plethora of nationally and internationally known artists including Tom Rush, Al Wilson, Bill Medley, The Coasters, The Marvelettes and others too numerous to mention.
Since 2000, Scott has shifted to an acoustic format that has allowed listeners to focus on his vocals (which have drawn comparisons to the likes of Joe Cocker, Bob Segar, Eric Clapton and Howlin’ Wolf).
When he’s not doing work as a solo artist, he teams up with some of The O.C.’s finest players in duo, trio and band formats including Guitar ace Danny Ott (Chris Gaffney’s Cold Hard Facts), Jamie Browning (Righteous Brothers, Orleans, Bill Medley), Don Preston (Leon Russell, Joe Cocker’s Mad Dogs and Englishmen) and keyboard whiz Dave James (Boy Howdy).
Scott can currently be found at various venues in the O.C./L.A. area.

Ted & Pablo

A year ago, I was introduced to the Brazilian-infused Jazz/Choro music of Ted & Pablo, at the recommendation of another accomplished musician…and they are back for some brief Southern California appearances after an extended tour in Brazil this past year.


They will be appearing at the LACMA Summer Latin Jazz Concert Series on

June 21st, 2008, and then at The Skirball Center on July 12, 2008

(information below).


Transcontinental Music Express is the perfect title for this music duo’s first CD, which also hints at their diverse backgrounds.  Ted Falcon, an American mandolin player with a passion for Brazilian Choro music, learned Portuguese, and traveled to Brazil to learn the music first-hand from Brazilian musicians.  Meanwhile Pablo Fagundes, a Brazilian harmonica-player with a passion for American Blues/Jazz came to the United States to study those genres first-hand from American musicians.  At some point, their paths crossed, and Transcontinental Music Express was born.


BackStage:Los Angeles - “L.A.’s REAL Music-Interview Show!”

will re-broadcast Ted & Pablo’s guest appearance on the show on the following dates/times:

Time-Warner Channel 24 – June 20th, 2008 @ 8:00 P.M. (Westchester)

Time-Warner Channel 24 – June 27th, 2008 @ 9:30 P.M. (Marina Del Rey,

                                                                                   Culver City, Hollywood)

Time-Warner Channel 98, 77, 43 (Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Bel-Air,

                                                    Encino, Sherman Oaks, Woodland Hills,

                                                    North Hollywood, Los Feliz, Eagle Rock,

                                                    Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica)


Don’t miss their LIVE and limited Southern California appearances!

LACMA Summer Latin Jazz Series: June, 21 2008 at LACMA
5905 Wilshire Boulevard,
Los Angeles, California 90036
Cost : free                                                                                                       
Los Angeles County Museum of Art "Latin Sounds Series"                                  Tel. 323-857-6000;  323-857-0098 (TDD)                                                             Ted and Pablo with guitarist, Fabiano Nascimento,                                              and percussionist, Ami Molinelli.

Los Angeles, California
Cost : free                                                                                                        Ted and Pablo show with Fabiano Nascimento, guitar                                          and percussion TBA.


Sandy Jacobson, Creator & Producer

BackStage:Los Angeles

“L.A.’s REAL Music-Interview T.V. Show!”



a young, talented, and accomplished artist!
Florence was born in New York, moved to Ireland, and then to New Zealand, where she was raised.  She was a violin prodigy, but at age 14, discovered the folk music of Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, and others...and took up guitar.  Florence was also classically-trained in voice. 
While in college she met Peter Martin, and they began a collaborative songwriting team, and formed a band.  Their song "Green" paved the way for them to appear on an "American-Idol" style T.V. show in New Zealand, and win Second Place in the total competition.  From there, "Green" began receiving airplay on two national New Zealand radio stations...and Florence went on to do songwriting for T.V. and film.  Two short months before moving to Los Angeles, she created a new band with other known artists in New Zealand, and produced and performed in a live concert at The Hopetoun Alpha, one of Auckland's historic venues...and which became the basis of her first album "Florence Hartigan & The Wayward Five - Live at The Hopetoun Alpha."  The album contains her top single "Green."  She moved to Los Angeles about 18 months ago, and has begun performing around town.  She was a recent guest on our show.  Please check the "About The Television Show" page for air dates/times.
were both raised in the port town of Beaumont, Texas, and both graduated from Forest Park High School...each with different music tastes and backgrounds.  They found themselves initially working together in a series of rock bands, and finally settled into their acoustic guitar music sound.  In 1977, the two signed a publishing deal with Island Music (Lionel Conway), and subsequently a record deal with legendary Clive Davis and his newly founded label, Arista Records.  Their first album was produced by Fred Mollin and Matthew McCauley, celebrating a recent #1 international hit with Dan Hill (Sometimes When We Touch), it seemed that Fertitta & McClintock were on their way.  The music business took a dramatic change with the introduction of Disco, followed by New Wave, and Punk...and their album was never released.  Fertitta & McClintock went their separate ways, writing songs for movies and T.V., commercial jingles, and many other recording acts...including Juice Newton, Lorrie Morgan, Sixwire, Andy Wiliams, Tiffany, ATC, David Pomeranz, Victoria Shaw, Pat Boone, Diamond Rio, Paul Jefferson, Rose Maddox, and dozens of others.  Fred Mollin went on to produce America, Eddie Money, Jimmy Webb, Kris Kristofferson...and recently offered to finish the Fertitta & McClintock album that was never released.  They recorded 14 songs in Nashville, with some of the finest musicians alive today, cutting songs from the past and present...which is their current CD "After All This Time." 
Fertitta & McClintock recently completed a Southern CA tour with Batdorf & Rodney and James Lee Stanley to sold out venues.  Their "cover" track "Second Avenue" is getting airplay as a single, and they are climbing up the college charts.
To preview their music, you can visit
Fertitta & McClintock have been nominated as AC Best New Duo/Group by New Music Weekly Magazine.  You can vote for them, from the link on our "Awards Nominations" page of this site.

Keith was raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and was introduced to a wide variety of music from Duke Ellington to Elvis Presley...with helpings of Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Dave Brubeck, and others.  Like many teens of "the day" seeing The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show, was a turning point for him...the "thing" that lit the fire in him.  Keith's subsequent influences have been The Rolling Stones, Robert Plant, Steve Mariott, Rod Stewartm and finally Gregg Allman and The Allman Brothers.  Keith literally went from playing in 50-seat venues, to literally overnight, touring with the Allman Brothers in a 110,000 seat stadium.  Keith went on to do work with members of Credence Clearwater Revival, The Tubes, and Ronnie Montrose.
Keith took a hiatus from music for awhile, and fate, and the suggestion of a beautiful woman (who is now his wife)...has brought him back...and back to his roots.  His current CD, "Standards, New & Used" is a collaboration with Michael Melvoin of new arrangements of old jazz standards, and a few new ones.  Keith is currently appearing at Monty's in Woodland Hills, off of Topanga Canyon, on Saturday nights, beginning at 9:00 P.M., with some of the best pianists in Los Angeles...and it will be an evening well-spent.
You can preview some of music at

"So where have they been hiding James Lee Stanley? We could say that James Lee Stanley is probably the last great undiscovered singer-songwriter in America. But true as that may be let's say something else, let's say that a diamond has been smuggled into the wasteland…and here is where the wasteland ends" - Tom Robbins, Author of Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

It is only a long lived singer-songwriter career that lets JAMES LEE STANLEY unite the unpredictable creativity and the eclectic elements that make up his world. His remarkable ability as a vocalist and composer allow him to create songs, each recorded with a finely crafted backing that sonically enhance the impulse behind the lyric.  But a whole new dimension is added when James Lee performs live.   These incredible songs, coupled with his outragously hilarious repartee, make for an evening of hilarity and tenderness.  He is one of the few all time greats and undisputed geniuses among singer-songwriters. Fi Magazine listed his FREELANCE HUMAN BEING as one of the finest recordings of 1998 and one of the Top 200 Recordings of all time - FI Magazine March 1999.

JAMES LEE STANLEY, began recording at 14 for LeGrand Records.  He majored in music at Cal State University.   With twenty albums to his credit, he has produced an extraordinary body of work.  And he's been quite the road dog, performing three hundred dates a year with such diverse acts as BONNIE RAITT, ROBIN WILLIAMS, CHICK COREA & RETURN TO FOREVER and BILL COSBY.

I've been attending James Lee Stanley's concerts, for the past six and a half years...and whether he's appearing solo, showcasing his collaboration CD of his all-acoustic versions of Rolling Stones songs "All Wood & Stones" with John Batdorf, as an acoustic duo with Peter Tork, or any other format...James is consistently professional in his musicianship, and VERY funny!

For more information on James Lee Stanley, go to:

John has transitioned through many careers in one lifetime. Starting with the 70's as a recording artist with Batdorf and Rodney and Silver. John made records and toured this country and Canada for most of the 70s. He headlined many shows, but as an opening act he got to play with a lot of great groups like America, Seals and Crofts, Dan Fogelberg, Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne, Fleetwood Mac, The Doobie Brothers, Bread, The Youngbloods, Hall and Oats, Cheech and Chong, England Dan and John Ford Coley, Pure Prairie League, Harry Chapin, John Prine, Dave Mason, Kris Kristofferson just to name a few! A great time was had by all.

He spent the 80's as a staff songwriter writing songs for America, England Dan, The Curry sisters and Kim Carnes, and as studio singer singing on hundreds of jingles, movies, and TV shows. He sang on four main titles including, "Doctor, Doctor", "Tom and Jerry Kids", "Garfield and Friends" and "Promised Land".  He sang background vocals on some really great recordings by Rod Stewart, Motley Crue, Dave Mason, Eric Anderson,The Jefferson Starship, Berlin, Donna Summer, Dwight Yoakum, Boy Meets Girl, Mickey Thomas, Stan Ridgeway, James Lee Stanley, David Lee Roth, The London Choir Boys to name a few.

Then came the 90's and he began producing records and commercials. During that time he met and went on to write some great songs with his friend, Michael McLean. They have recorded 4 CDs together. In 1996 John got his first chance to score a CBS TV prime time show, "Promised Land". He composed all the music underscore for three years until the show came to an end. He went on to compose music for another CBS drama, "Touched By An Angel" which after nine very successful seasons is no longer in production. TBAA and Promised Land reruns still appear somewhere on the planet every day of the week. Soon after, John composed the entire musical score for a 2 hour made for PAX TV movie called "Book of Days" which appeared January and March of 2003. "The Best Two Years", which he also scored and wrote songs with Michael and Scott McLean, had a successful theatrical run in 2004 and is now available on DVD as well as the soundtrack on CD.

John is currently devoting most of his time to promoting three of his most recent CDs. "All Wood And Stones", with James Lee Stanley. The CD was re-released on Aezra/EMI in September 2005 . That year John also released his first solo EP, "Side One" . As of January 2007, his first full length solo CD "Home Again" is now available and features the teaming up of John and Mark Rodney after 30 years! "Home Again" is an acoustic guitar and vocal enthusiasts dream come true!  John Batdorf and Mark Rodney are currently out touring the "Home Again" CD to sold out audiences.  For more information on John Batdorf, go to:

Coming soon...
Scott Gates
Peter Tork

"L.A.'s REAL Music Interview Show!"